Session Two – Afternoon

Phantom Room

Building Accessible Chatbots

1:30pm-1.55pm, Thu 18 October 2018

Conversational user interfaces and more specifically chatbots are one of the emerging technology trends which everyone is talking about. However, adopting this technology without adequately understanding some of the accessibility challenges will mean users who need extra support won’t be able to use them.

I’ll explain several problems making chatbots accessible and what you need to be aware of. I’ll discuss 6 accessibility principles that should be followed to increase support when building a UI and suggest a platform which offers the best approach for customisation and building a robust and accessible user interface.

Additionally, an information card is available which people can take away and follow.



Ross Mullen

Director, CANAXESS

Ross MullenRoss Mullen is Director of CANAXESS, a web and digital accessibility company. He helps businesses build on-line experiences that are inclusive and benefit all people regardless of any disabilities.

Ross works with a range of businesses from charities and start-ups to government organisations making their digital services and platforms accessible and inclusive.

He has spoken at conferences on web accessibility, delivered one-on-one training and has written web accessibility course material delivered by TAFE.

Building an Accessible IoT World

2:00pm-2:25pm, Thu 18 October 2018

Being mindful of creating accessible experiences is super critical for developers, and devs focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT) are no exception, particularly as IoT enables online experiences in an offline world.

In the IoT world, a clickable button is not always a button and this talk demonstrates ways in which it can be used to not only enhance an interactive experience that everyone can use, but in ways that can also extend the accessible methods within apps.



Steven Cooper

Developer Evangelist

Steven CooperSteven Cooper is a seasoned Dev / Ops / CTO / Maker / Geek / Gamer, an international speaker and MC, and a well known hackathon mentor / judge.

Steven has previously held developer evangelist roles with Xero and PayPal, and has always had a passion for all things tech and pushing it to its limits. He enjoys keeping up with the latest tech trends, and loves getting up on stage to share ideas and knowledge.

Opening the Magic of the Accessibility Tree and Accessibility API

2:30pm-2.55pm, Thu 18 October 2018

This presentation takes a look at the accessibility tree within a browser such as Edge and Firefox. As well as demonstrating the purpose of the accessibility API as the glue between applications and assistive technology, we’ll show the tools that expose the Accessibility API on the Windows and Mac platforms.

Attendees will also get a high level overview of the concepts of the accessibility API and tree using a screen reader as the assistive technology.


Sean Murphy

Compliance Accessibility Software Engineer

Sean MurphySean Murphy joined Cisco Systems Australia in 2008 to work in the Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) as a Customer Support Network Engineer. In late 2015, he joined the Accessibility Compliance team working as an Accessibility Compliance Engineer (ACE).

For the last two years, Sean has been one of the global leads of the Cisco Disability Employee Network in promoting accessibility, disability awareness and other global initiatives.

In 2010, Sean won the USA Career Magazine’s Disabled Employee of the Year award for his work in disability and accessibility. In 2018, Sean was invited to join the Expert Reference Group (ERG) for a new Human Rights Commission project on human rights and technology, focusing on the impact of AI technology.