Ablegamers’ Mark Barlet Confirmed to Speak

Mark Barlet

We welcome Mark Barlet, founder of AbleGamers, as the latest to join our line-up of invited speakers at A11y Camp 2018.

Mark has 25 years of hands-on experience in the technology and assistive technology field. Widely regarded as one of the leaders of 508 accessibility in the US, Mark manages a team of high-end accessibility experts through his veteran-founded business The Barlet Group, as well as the highly trained assistive technology experts at AbleGamers.

In 2004, Mark founded AbleGamers after Multiple Sclerosis attacked his best friend, Stephanie Walker, nearly taking away her ability to interact and connect through video games. His vision was to ensure that no one with a disability would ever be without answers on how to conquer disabilities and continue enjoying one of the world’s largest pastimes.

Mark will share his story in a keynote presentation at A11y Camp 2018.

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