Getting Beyond Merit – Building Disability Diversity

Diversity is an ongoing conversation. It’s one we keep having because we struggle so hard to achieve diversity, and we struggle even more to be inclusive of diverse people once we have them in our organisations.

Diversity is about embracing the value, the richness, that diversity brings. This means operating differently, ensuring that all team members are equal and contribute equally, and recognizing the skills, expertise and perspective of disability leaders in your organisation.

Christina Ryan

CEO / Founder, Disability Leadership Institute

Christina Ryan

Christina Ryan is the CEO and Founder of the Disability Leadership Institute.

She has been an active leader in the Australian disability community for over 20 years, working at an international, national and local level to change the diversity agenda, while mentoring and supporting numerous people with disabilities to their own leadership success.

Christina pioneered the use of mainstream forums by women with disabilities at the United Nations, and now mentors and teaches effective use of the UN for rights activists globally, while working as a leadership coach for people with disabilities.

Christina established the Disability Leadership Institute in 2016 as a professional hub to build & support disability leaders. It is the first organisation of its kind globally, and aims to grow the presence and recognition of disability leaders across all sections of our community. Christina is also a regular keynote speaker and commentator.