A Brief Introduction to Accessibility for the Mobile Platform

12:00pm Thursday 14 November (Stream Two)

An introduction to accessibility for the mobile platform will take you on a journey of the differences between web and mobile accessibility.

Focusing on the main themes (focus management, accessibility labels and view design) I will be highlighting things you can do to improve the usability of your project.

On each topic, I will touch on the code required to inspire, educate and encourage developers and designers alike to build their apps to be accessible instead of just adjusting them as an afterthought.

Simon Smiley-Andrews

Software Developer, ARQ Group

Simon Smiley-AndrewsI am a senior software developer for Australia’s leading mobile development company with a passion for crafting beautiful, fully accessible apps.

Having worked on some of Australia’s largest, and most accessible, banking applications, I have honed my trade of combining elegant architecture with accessible design.