A Tutorial Level For Life

1:30pm Thursday 14 November (Stream One)

Whether it is primary school, learning about who you are in high school or trying to find your place in the world as an adult, Thomas has had experience helping all kinds of autistic people. Currently, he mentors twenty-two students across nine schools on social skills while using video games, and is setting up an online series called TKHubworld.

In this talk, Thomas will tell you about how games shaped his life, how video games are a great source to look at when it comes to disability and design, and how they shape the lives around you.

He will also be sharing how video games have helped him with autism. His talk will feature usability, and what we can learn from the games we love.

Thomas Kuzma

Founder, TK Hubworld

Thomas KuzmaThomas Kuzma is a 28-year-old teacher’s aide, mentor and autism advocate.

With a decade of work delivering talks about living on the spectrum and five years’ experience working for Autism Spectrum Australia, Thomas has learned a wide variety of matters that autistic people face throughout their lives.

His advocacy has taken him on television, radio, newspapers and even across the wide oceans to America.