Accessabubbly: How accessibility helps everyone, through the medium of a (pretend) hangover

11:00am Friday 15 November (Stream One)

Have you ever heard “We don’t need to be accessible! We don’t have blind people coming to our site”?

If you’ve heard that, or similar excuses for not making sites accessible, and not known what to say, this is the talk for you!

It tries to show people how any of us can have temporary accessibility needs, and how making your site accessible is fundamental to just good business sense.

Di van Dulken

Manager, Web Development, NSW Department of Education

Di van DulkenDi has been working on the internet for about half her life.

During that time, she has seen many evils come and go (yes, she used tables for layouts in the 90s) and things change and improve dramatically.

The things that last online are the things that work for everyone, and over the years, Di has become really passionate about the advantages of inclusive design and coding.

You can find her on Twitter, though you will mainly see pictures of dogs.