Accessibility API 101

11:00am Thursday 14 November (Stream Two)

There is a lot of talk about accessibility and the web and the use of “native HTML elements” over a series of nested DIVs, but there never seems to be much talk around the technical reasoning for this approach.

Most developers have heard about the Document Object Model in browsers, but it’s rare to hear people talk about the role that the Accessibility API has within the DOM.

This talk introduces the audience to the browser DOM and how it interacts with the Accessibility API to help explain how the use of HTML elements becomes important for the proper interpretation of your website by assistive technologies.

We’ll walk through the steps that the browser takes as it reads code on your web server and presents it to the viewer on their local computer.

This talk is not a high level technical one but does require knowledge of HTML. It is aimed at developers, QA/Testers, web designers who are interested in accessibility and also understanding a bit more about browsers. No high level code will be shown but there will be flowcharts aimed at providing an understanding of why the way the code is written in HTML impacts how the Accessibility API will be able to interpret it.

Aimee Maree Forsstrom

Web Accessibility Engineer

Aimee Maree ForsstromAimee Maree is a Senior Software Engineer and International Speaker on various Open Source Software projects and Accessibility development approaches.

With a focus is on Web Development and Content Management Systems, she has a background in Linux Systems Administration, Network Engineering and Security Analysis. She also has experience across Data Science and User Sentiment Analysis on Open Source and proprietary technology projects and products.

Aimee Maree has provided assistance and understanding of Open Source licensing integration for Government, Enterprise and Start-Ups in Australia for over 15 years. She has championed the Open Source industry in Australia by association with the Open Source Industry Association (Board Member) and the Australian Computer Society, Young IT NSW (Board Member). She was the first woman in Australia to sit as Conference Lead for an Open Source Conference, the Open Source Developers Conference in 2012.