Accessible by Design – the NAB Mobile Banking App

Accessibility is business as usual in the NAB mobile banking platform. Feature designs are inclusive of accessibility before development. Close collaboration between Accessibility Specialists, Design and Engineers has led to:

  • Design specs which include touch target, focus states and scaling behaviour as standard.
  • Creation of a shared component library with inherent accessibility.

We’ll share how we have done this and how this leads to delivery of a mobile app which is ‘Accessible by Design’.

Alison Ennis

Senior Digital Accessibility Specialist, Digital Technology, NAB

Alison Ennis
Alison is Senior Digital Accessibility Specialist and Accessibility Lead in the NAB Mobile Banking Platform.

With over 15 years experience in Digital Accessibility across a variety of industries, championing accessibility, inspiring and educating to ensure that Accessibility is regarded as a non-negotiable part of business as usual.

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Michelle Chu

Accessibility Analyst, Digital Technology, NAB

Michelle Chu

Michelle is guru in Mobile Accessibility. She is fluent in navigating in both VoiceOver, Talkback and other accessibility features such as keyboard access, voice and switch control.

Michelle believes that design for all is the key to ensure a product is accessible for all. She is a strong advocate in “shift left” during feature develop, to avoid ripple effects in the long run. Michelle is also passionate around educating others around mobile accessibility in design, development and test!

Currently, Michelle is work with the mobile team in NAB to accelerate accessibility automation testing and increase test scope and automation capabilities.

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