Accessible design implementation on the mobile platform: PTVs next generation application

“Apps as complex as yours which are WCAG conformant is practically unheard of” – Vision Australia on the new PTV app.

Within this feedback hides months of design, development, testing, late nights and winding discussions – with accessibility at the forefront. As Accessibility Development Lead I am going to talk about the difficulties associated with developing one of this years most complex applications and how it has achieved what few other apps have – a AA accessibility rating.

Simon Smiley-Andrews

Technical Lead, ARQ Group

Simon Smiley-Andrews

I am a mobile developer passionate in the latest tech and the accessibility associated with it. Working on some of Australia’s largest applications and seeing the lack of accessibility currently in the market has inspired me to champion accessibility in every project I touch.

With some of the biggest names in Australia under my belt I am now reaching out into the wider accessibility community to gain further knowledge and spread that which I have learned.

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