Accessible Development with Modern Frameworks

11:30am Thursday 14 November (Stream Two)

One of the obstacles for building accessible digital products is the increasing distance developers find between the code they write and the markup that makes its way into the browser.

Modern development frameworks make it very quick and easy to put a web app together, but if they don’t consider accessibility – which most don’t – it becomes an extra consideration for the developer, which adds time and complexity. And that makes accessibility an easy requirement to disregard or deprioritise.

This presentation will take a quick look at some of the popular frameworks, and some solutions to make our products more accessible without adding too much complexity!

Rick Giner

Developer and product delivery specialist

Rick GinerRick is an engineer and product delivery specialist with nearly twenty years experience working as a consultant across agency, enterprise, startups, and public sector.

He has a passion for good design and UX – including aspects of performance, usability and accessibility – and loves helping organisations understand the compelling business case for inclusion and diversity.

He’s a huge fan of the Australian tech community – so you’ll often find him at meetups and conferences, including his own Melbourne Web Meetup or BuzzConf Technology Festival. Or in the pub.