Accessible States in Design Systems

2:30pm Friday 15 November (Stream Two)

This talk looks at the importance of states (visited, focus, active, checked/selected, open and more) when building design systems. We will explore their relevance, how to maintain consistency and how to systematise when designing at scale.

It sounds simple, but there are many aspects to states that designers and developers forget about.

States are much more than simply having a focus state for all interactive components.

I’ve been building accessible component libraries since 2009 and I’ve learned a lot about systematising accessibility during this time.

This talk will share some of that experience.

Russ Weakley

Design System Principal, IAG

Russ WeakleyRuss Weakley is an author, speaker and CSS expert, with a detailed knowledge of web design and development.

Russ runs the Web Standards Group and has produced a series of widely acclaimed online tutorials on CSS, Responsive Web Design and web development.


Russ is also leading a full-day workshop at A11y Camp: An Introduction to ARIA for Developers