An Intro to A11y in Web Components

2:00pm Friday 15 November (Stream Two)

Web components are the newest kid on the block when it comes to web development, and with it comes the learning curve that any new technology brings with it.

Already in use in some of the most visited sites on the internet, web components have introduced the ability to extend the existing DOM HTML Element specification with your own custom elements.

This presentation will try to take away some of the unknowns around what a web component is and what it can do, and will specifically focus on some gotchas when it comes to A11Y support and behaviour.

Rico Minten

Senior Front-end Developer, Deloitte Digital

Rico MintenRico is a front-end developer in Sydney, currently working on large scale builds for Deloitte Digital clients. With a background in industrial design, he tries to create interfaces and front-end systems that work for everyone, and that support accessibility needs.

A creative technologist at heart, Rico can be found on Twitter straddling the space between design and technology.