Building an accessibility program at a unicorn

What is it like to build an accessibility program at a unicorn? Find out as Steve King shares the experiences from the last two years as Atlassian builds accessibility into how it ships features.

In this talk you’ll hear:

  • On building business cases inside a lean company
  • Where accessibility fits in the product development lifecycle
  • How we’re using our tools and experience to our advantage
  • Working across multiple products and teams to get things done
  • Our approach to setting teams up for long term success
  • How we’re measuring success.

Steve King

Senior Product Lead – Accessibility, Atlassian

Steve KingSteve King is responsible for accessibility at Atlassian and is a co-founder of accessible technology startup abilio.

Steve is passionate about understanding, describing and improving the patient experience in healthcare, using technology to enable people with ideas to connect and build with people who have the skill to deliver those ideas, particularly when they solve problems for people seeking out a more inclusive and impactful life.