Cognitive Disabilities and the Impact on Product Design

12:00pm Friday 15 November (Stream One)

When it comes to digital accessibility, cognitive impairment doesn’t always spring to mind, but a cognitive impairment can dramatically change the way people interact with technology, sometimes excluding them completely.

In our society, the use of digital tech for everyday life stuff like paying bills or planning a night out with friends is ingrained, so we need to ensure cognitive impairment is included when we think about accessibility.

In this talk, I’ll share some personal stories in cognitive disability and the impact on design, how my experiences have changed the way I approach developing and designing products, and walk through some examples of how people with cognitive impairment interact with technology, outlining some simple ways you can improve their user experience along the way.

Steve King

Senior Product Manager, Atlassian

Steve KingSteve King is responsible for accessibility at Atlassian and is a co-founder of accessible technology startup abilio.

Steve is passionate about understanding, describing and improving the patient experience in healthcare, using technology to enable people with ideas to connect and build with people who have the skill to deliver those ideas, particularly when they solve problems for people seeking out a more inclusive and impactful life.