Designing Around People

11:00am Thursday 14 November (Stream One)

Over 70% of Australian people have some level of difficulty or frustration in using digital products and services. Inclusive design involves listening to them and learning from them to deliver products and services that are easy to use for everyone.

Every design decision includes or excludes a certain range of user groups. Inclusive Design is an approach that puts the emphasis on including the full range of human diversity. It is about involving and learning from users having a different range of perspectives, and delivering outstanding user experience to as many users as possible.

The impact of inclusive design is more than just the products that people use. It’s also a shift in our mindset, methods, and behaviours. What we design is a byproduct of how we design. Measuring the benefits includes measuring the shift in our culture and ourselves.

Balram Singh

Senior Frontend Specialist, WPP-AKQA

Balram SinghBalram is a full stack engineer with specialisation in frontend web/app development.

He has work experience in the United Kingdom, India and Australia. He loves to return to the community by delivering tech talks in meetups and conferences. Balram is an organiser of the React Scotland meetup group and also part of the React London – BYOP organisers group.

Accessibility is must-have feature when working with Balram.

He has delivered an accessibility talk based on SPA in Scotland last year.

Ultimately, he is a technologist who is responsible for innovation and open to challenges from colleagues, business and end users to deliver only the best. You can find Balram on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Github, Medium or his website.