Enabling People to Care about Web Accessibility – a Story of Slow but Sure Cultural Change

2:30pm Thursday 14 November (Stream One)

Cultural change within a large company is not a one person job. It’s a team effort. How can you band together with others to enable your company to make the positive cultural change required to build accessible and inclusive products?

1. How to turn from a complainer to a champion
2. You don’t need permission
3. How to start a groundswell and lead from any position within the company
4. Going from groundswell to interdisciplinary wider company involvement
5. The importance of involving users who could benefit from this work as early as possible
6. Quick tips on research topics for different roles
7. Moving from follow-up work to including a11y as part of daily practice
8. Gotchas – things to be mindful of on your journey of awesomeness

Conclusion: You’ve started to make real and long lasting cultural change. If you were no longer here you know your teams are going to continue this work.

Maz Hermon

UI Implementation Practice Lead, Trade Me (NZ)

Maz HermonI’m very passionate about this topic and about how people at any level can make a significant cultural change within their organisations that can improve the lives and opportunities of others.

I’ve found that becoming accessibility focused can bring a new level of satisfaction to your work and love to help others to realise this could be an opportunity for them to find greater meaning in their work without necessarily changing the job or role.

I’ve been an important part of driving this change at our company from day one and have brought many others along on the journey with me. All of the things I have to say come from direct experience.