Experiences During the Australian Museum Website Rebuild

2:30pm Thursday 14 November (Stream Two)

Key takeaways from the Australian Museum website rebuild and accessibility audit. A real-world context for sharing knowledge about accessible web design and development.

For this project, I placed a lot of importance on accessibility and set out to make a truly great experience for users of assistive technology. At the same time, the project had a lot of scrutiny in terms of accessibility, with the AM’s accessibility consultant Roger Hudson undertaking a thorough audit. As such, my work – and assumptions – were subject to a level of critical analysis unseen before.

The result was a steep learning curve which, I believe, has moved me forward a great deal in terms of accessible web design and development. Essentially, I will be sharing what I learnt from this process.

Although the project was undertaken by the Interaction Consortium agency, the talk will be more of a personal one from my perspective, as I was both the visual designer and principal frontend developer.

Fabian McDonald

Design Lead, The Interaction Consortium

Fabian McDonaldFabian is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and web developer who has worked in various fields such as print, branding, editorial design and web design.

He’s someone who likes to get his hands dirty at all stages of the design process, from early research and conceptualization right through to the final execution.

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