From Nothing to Something: How A Team of 2 Kickstarted an Accessibility Program

“Start an accessibility program” is way easier said than done, so what happens when you’re the second full-time accessibility hire in a mid-sized company and where do you even start?

Hear from Alexis Lucio, Accessibility and Inclusion Design Lead at Splunk, as she discusses her move into a11y, gaining partnerships, conventional (or not!) ways to frame the business case for accessibility to various coworkers, and most importantly, what happens after.

Alexis Lucio

Accessibility and Inclusive Design Lead, Splunk

Alexis LucioOriginally from Los Angeles, Alexis Lucio (she/her/they/them) is a product-turned-accessibility designer with life’s work rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially in tech.

As Splunk’s first full-time hire to work on accessibility in design, her job spans education and advocacy, process development, and building best practices for accessibility in the company’s product suite.

To give back to the next generation, she volunteers at Inneract Project, a nonprofit that helps black and latinx middle schoolers learn about design and pursue industry careers in the Bay Area.

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