Making Accessible Organisations – how ISO 30071-1 can help Australia’s accessibility community

Organisations are finally buying into accessibility big-time. But they’re still getting things wrong: they do accessibility late, so can’t afford to get it right; they make their design systems accessible, but not their code implementation; they purchase software which isn’t accessible for their disabled staff; they invest money in getting good at accessibility but can’t prove to their clients or hires why that makes them a great agency. ISO 30071-1 helps fix all that…

Jonathan Hassell

CEO & Founder, Hassell Inclusion

Jonathan Hassell

Jonathan is one of the world’s top digital usability & accessibility thought leaders. He has over 19 years experience in identifying new directions and challenges in digital accessibility, finding best practice process and technology solutions, authoring international standards and presenting best practices to conference audiences across the world.

He has just delivered the new International accessibility Standard ISO 30071-1, which is based on the British Accessibility Standards BS 8878 that he led in 2010. He leads Hassell Inclusion’s team of accessibility experts providing strategic accessibility transformation services to organisations worldwide.

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