Not another checklist! – A testing methodology which explains the what and how of manual accessibility testing

Accessibility testing is hard. How do you up-skill team members to understand WCAG 2.1? How do you explain testing with screen readers? This is a challenge I faced with new team members and requests to standardise the testing.

I created a checklist which made accessibility testing consistent and removed different interpretations and inaccurate assumptions. When a team’s accessibility maturity is low creating a checklist with this methodology results in a testing process anyone can understand.

Ross Mullen

Director, CANAXESS

Ross Mullen

Ross is a digital accessibility specialist and developer who works with government and private industry through his company CANAXESS.

He presents and writes regularly on digital accessibility in current and emerging technology, creates digital accessibility courses for Udemy and Pluralsight and is at home reading WCAG 2.1 technical criteria and government IT policy.

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