Tactile Wireframing: Designing for Accessibility with Accessibility in Mind

12:00pm Thursday 14 November (Stream One)

How can we better incorporate accessibility into the design process and enable those with visual impairments to provide feedback earlier?

Today, visually impaired users can only provide feedback with a developed application that is compatible with screen readers. By that time, many changes would require code refactoring, which is expensive and delays improvements.

Excluding valuable input from these users due to technical limitations is unacceptable, and can be mitigated by the process we have developed through IBM Design Thinking.

We will share how we designed a tactile wire-framing kit that we now use to communicate designs earlier in the process.

Janelle Arita

UX Designer, IBM

Janelle AritaJanelle works within multi-disciplinary teams comprised of designers, product managers, and engineers to create enterprise software solutions.

She has spent the past four years helping to lead the design strategy for the next generation of IBM Cloud Infrastructure, and is currently helping to drive IBM’s position within the market of conversational interfaces through Watson Assistant.

She believes in the importance of a user-centered process amongst all team members, design and non-design, in order to deliver great products.

Jenny Lanier

Design Lead and UX/Visual Designer, IBM Cloud

Jenny LanierIn addition to her immediate team, Jenny collaborates with offering managers, architects, and both frontend and backend developers to design infrastructure offerings for Virtual Private Cloud.

Through her experiences at IBM, Jenny has become more educated and passionate about accessibility, especially for complex software and web applications.