There is No One Size that Fits All

11:30am Thursday 14 November (Stream One)

A11y Camp is all about creating a digital world with no barriers. We found ourselves trying to adopt this mantra in one of the most complex organisations in Australia, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) who administer the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

We will be speaking about various layers of intricacy that become apparent when operating in a diverse organisation of this size and scale.

  1. The complexity of the user base
    • Users of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, (NDIS), are unique in that no one group’s needs can be covered in a single persona.
    • Offering an accessible solution, to suit individual users, is an extremely challenging task.
  2. A national, public facing ‘product’
    • We needed to design a strategy that not only works in practice, but also considers the long-term reputation and public perception of the organisation (NDIA).
  3. Confronting the pace of government
    • Acknowledging that certain things are out of your control when faced with the red tape of government and the impact of working within these constraints.
    • Our ‘Two-Speed Approach’ to delivery and how we were able to produce quick wins whilst designing a sustainable experience for users in the long term.

Mitchell Martin

User Experience Designer (Consultant), DB Results

Mitchell MartinMitch is an Experience Design Consultant with industry experience in the health, finance and insurance sectors.

He seeks to understand the human element in everything, with a particular passion for the behavioural science behind user experience. He loves exploring how biases, learned experience and the subconscious, affect how we interact with technology (often by throwing people out of spaceships).

Mitch is driving the Design Thinking community at DB Results, to help businesses become more considerate of user needs and take a human centred approach to services and product offerings.

Mitch has been working closely with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to develop a participant-centric approach to business operation. The main objective is to help improve the participant value of business products and educating on the benefits of co-design.