To Automation and Beyond!

11:30am Friday 15 November (Stream Two)

Testing is important in validating accessibility compliance. At NAB, we promote accessibility as business as usual and have a large accessibility team, but testing everything manually is unrealistic.

So, how do we ensure everything is tested? Automation!

I’d like to demonstrate how we are including accessibility in our automated testing suite of the NAB App. We are in the early stages, but are already seeing benefits.

I’ll share the lessons learned and show how the manual effort for regression testing has been reduced, and will continue to reduce as we extend the scope: large text, colour contrast and beyond.

Alison Ennis

Accessibility Specialist, Digital Technology, NAB

Alison EnnisAlison is a Digital Accessibility Consultant at the National Australia Bank on the mobile platform; coaching, testing, advising on design, and promoting accessibility as business as usual.

Alison works to ensure that the conversation continues to evolve to be one of an inclusive user experience for all.