Whose voice is it anyway?

When we think about usability and user testing how often do we think about or work with First Nations? In this presentation, Manisha Amin and Raylene Popervich a proud Yiman woman from Central Queensland, will share their stories and insights on ensuring that First Nations voices are considered.

You’ll hear about the good, the bad and everything in between and their approach to ensuing First Nations voices are heard.

Manisha Amin

CEO, Centre for Inclusive Design

Manisha Amin

Dr Manisha Amin is an innovation leader and a cultural and social change champion, focused on helping organisations harness the power of thinking from the edge. She is CEO of the Centre for Inclusive Design, a social enterprise which helps companies to build and design products, services and policies that are inclusive, valuable and usable for as many people as possible.

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Raylene Popervich

Cultural Training Consultant

Raylene Popervich

Raylene Popovich is a proud Yiman woman from Central Queensland area and was taught by her parents, her family and many wonderful community warriors “if you don’t know where you come from, then you’ll never know where you’re going”. I believe this means – never forget your people, never forget your roots and always be proud of your people and who you are.

She has been actively involved in Welfare and Community Development Sector for well over 25 years working with vulnerable Aboriginal families and communities.

In additional to my direct practice experience and teaching responsibilities, I have served as a panel member and consultant for ABSEC’s Consultation Guide. Raylene has worked with Manisha on projects for State and Federal Government.

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