Russ Weakley to Lead ARIA Workshop

Russ Weakley giving a presentation
The A11y Camp 2018 lineup has expanded with the addition of a new workshop!

We’re very excited to announce that esteemed Australian CSS master, web standards champion and (not coincidentally) accessibility wiz, Russ Weakley will be leading a full-day workshop for A11y Camp 2018.

Introduction to ARIA is “a detailed look at WAI ARIA, a way to make web content and web applications more accessible to people with disabilities”.

ARIA is a powerful toolkit that makes the kind of dynamic web functionality taken for granted by most people. And yet it can simultaneously be both poorly understood and poorly applied.

This workshop lets you spend a very hands-on day with someone who not only understands ARIA but knows how to help the rest of us use it properly.

Click through on the workshop name below for more detail and how to register.

Or register now on Eventbrite

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