Two Latest Conference Speakers Announced

Liz Gilleran and Jessica King

It’s time for us to announce two more A11y Camp 2018 speakers, and a fascinating pair they are.

How we understand disability and accessibility is, without question, changing. The notion that people with disability are a tiny slice of the community for whom we must do “special things” is largely, and thankfully, outdated.

The focus is more now on what we can do to meet the access needs of the whole population. We acknowledge that what we call disability affects far more of the community than previously considered, and we need to think about how we accommodate them in our products and services.

Living with a cognitive disability creates specific accessibility needs, while we also need to consider the accessibility needs of people with temporary or situational disability. And when we do, everyone wins.

That’s why we’re especially glad to have presentations at A11y Camp this year from Jessica King and Liz Gilleran.

Follow the link on each title to get more detail on them and their presentations, as well as how to register for the conference.

Jessica King
This doesn’t make any sense! – Cognitive Impairment and Digital Accessibility
An adventure in traversing technology with cognitive impairment.

Liz Gilleran
Accessibility for MVPs
Rapidly building a new website? Testing if an idea has a market?

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