What do volunteers do?

Registration desk

We need a couple of people to help out on the registration desk. Tasks could include greeting arriving attendees, checking their names off against a list, issuing conference lanyards and / or answering queries.

Cloak room

Well, not an actual cloak room. Probably. It’s highly likely some people will ask to have a bulky bag or two stored safely during the conference. We’re unlikely to have an actual cloak room, but we will work out something – and we need people to help us out with that.

Speaker wranglers

This is about making sure the speakers have everything they need, know where they’re meant to be, and are in the right place at the right time. It could also include answering speakers’ queries about anything from where the toilet is to how to obtain an HDMI cable.

Room wranglers

With two keynotes to open, two streams of talks in two separate rooms, and two more keynotes to close, we’ll be needing a few people to assist the passage of attendees from one session to another with a minimum of fuss.

Microphone runners

Some sessions may have time for questions from the audience, in which case we will probably deploy one or more people to get a microphone to the next questioner.

What’s the pay like?

Um, non-existent. These are strictly volunteer positions. We do supply morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and the opportunity to sit in on at least some of the conference sessions. And t-shirts. Probably.

Sounds great – what do I do?

Email us at volunteers@a11ycamp.org.au to express your interest and get further information.